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American tabloid magazine Star has now published the photos Italian magazine Chi just recently published of a pregnant Kate Middleton on holiday in the Caribbean, in her first trimester. How much you want to bet that she stays this size in her 8th month? I wonder if the twins theory is true. I hope they finally overturn the age-old rule that the first-born male becomes heir to the throne. Let a girl pop out first, name her Diana (with the approval of ol’ Queeny), and let the Duchess of Salt Lick, Camilla have a stoke in response. I can’t believe that grandmum is going to give the mansion where William’s father and Trigger fucked around behind his mother’s back for years as a gift. Is she suggesting something? This family is all sorts of fucked up. William’s bald spot is so distracting that I can’t even glance at Kate’s stomach for more than a nanosecond. 

If you want to actually be able to read the entire article, and you’re using Chrome, right-click on the thumbnails, and select: Open link in new tab. If you’ve already clicked on and opened the thumbnail, right-click on the image and select, Open image in new tab. This will scale it to full-size.

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    you know most people have this “baby bump” after a can of coke fy kate, may your hair remain frizzyv :(
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    “William’s bald spot is so distracting that I can’t even glance at Kate’s stomach for more than a nanosecond.”
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    I love everything about this^^
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