A lot of rare behind-the-scenes gems from 1939’s “The Wizard of Oz”.

Some of this comes courtesy of billyfergusonoz, who has so much good shit, it’s unbelievable! I especially enjoy the shots from the early Richard Thorpe footage (nine days worth) that was scrapped after director Victor Fleming came in and took over (the film had a million directors over the course of shooting, many of them never credited).

I really hope someone finds that scrapped Thorpe footage, although I’ve heard that it might have been lost in an MGM fire. However, they did just find an original draft of the film’s script in the basement of the studio, which director Robert Zemeckis purchased, and now plans to make into a film. You never know, the footage could be hanging around somewhere. Thorpe’s stint included Buddy Ebsen in the role of the Tin Man, but later dropped out after having had an allergic reaction to the aluminum dust .They even used asbestos in that film!

I just found that some of Thorpe’s footage DID end up in the final cut:

When the Scarecrow, Tim Man, and Cowardly Lion dressed as the castle guards march into the witch’s castle, it’s actually Buddy Epson seen from behind as the Tin Man.

Some of the Scarecrow’s first appearance footage was actually the Thorpe footage. Judy Garland’s performance in the scene had to be reshot due to her character’s costume-style change after Fleming took over.

Other trivia:

When Dorothy runs to the door and opens it to reveal Munchkinland, it was actually her double.

The Wicked Witch of the West’s first appearance in Munchkinland, after the big explosion, is actually Margaret Hamilton’s stunt double.

After burning her hands in an accident on set, Margaret Hamilton is wearing green gloves during the skywriting sequence.

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