Do I also get to take Chandler in the park?

"Chandler Massey Takes Columbus"

by Erin McCalla

Chandler Massey, who plays Will Horton, the openly gay character on Days of Our Lives, is attending his first Pride in Columbus. He will be busy, and he can’t wait to meet people and explore the city.

Massey is the first actor to win a Daytime Emmy award for portraying a gay character. But does he portray Will Horton differently than he would a straight role?

“No. Absolutely not. The only difference in playing a gay character is that they are in love with someone of the same sex. I don’t do anything differently,” he said.

And it’s the way Massey has played Will Horton that has earned him three Daytime Emmy nominations and that coveted winged woman holding an atom.

While Massey has been a steadfast advocate for gay rights, because of his shooting schedule, he hasn’t been able to attend a Pride celebration until this year, and Columbus is going to give him a crash course in everything PRIDE!

On Friday, June 21 he will attend Outlook’s third annual Big Gay Dance Party from 10p-12a, then meet and greet fans at the Polaris Financial Partners pavilion in Goodale Park on Saturday from 1p-4p.

Then join Massey at Level Dining Lounge for a cocktail reception to benefit the Trevor Project on Sunday, June 23 from 5p-8p. Head to Huntington Park on Monday to see him throw out the first pitch at the Columbus Clippers game at noon.

The Georgia-born actor is an Atlanta Braves fan, but we won’t hold that against him.

“I’m working on my fastball. I think I’m up to 85 miles an hour,” he jokes.

It’s a special Days of Our Lives day at the ballpark, and fans will have the opportunity to meet and get an autograph from their favorite young star.

And it’s known that soap opera fans are fiercely loyal and can take their fandom to supreme levels but Massey insists that he doesn’t have any crazy encounters to share. He assured us that if something happens in the future, he would call us to dish.

Massey’s Days of Our Lives contract is up at the end of the year, and he is trying to decide his next steps. He eventually wants to perform on Broadway to get back to his roots – he started acting in community theatre.

Massey likes musicals so much that he named his Viamix blender “Johanna” after a character in Sweeney Todd and he “sings to it all the time.” But sorry Sondheim, Massey’s favorite composer is Alan Menken.

He can act and sing and because of the ballet classes he took as a kid, he calls himself a “two-and-a-half threat” not quite considering himself a triple threat. Luckily, he’ll be able to hone some of those hoofing skills at the Big Gay Dance Party where he plans to “cut a rug” with guests.

At 22 years old, he has already accomplished a lot and he has a full career with many possibilities ahead of him, but knows that his character has left an imprint on him.

“Will Horton will always be a part of me.”

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