Is Days of our Lives’ Nick Fallon Really Dead?

Okay, I’ll ruin this for ya.


Days of our Lives shoots four months ahead of schedule now. The following was tweeted by Blake Berris (“Nick Fallon”) on September 30, 2013:


What this means: we can expect Nick back on Days in late January 2014 (or sometime during the first week in February).

Here’s more of what was tweeted during Blake’s first week back in Salem…


The following photo was also tweeted by Alison Sweeney on October 1, 2013. Note that Blake is on set with the rest of the cast including the new Will Horton, Guy Wilson, whose first scenes begin airing in January 2014.


So now we know Nick’s not dead. It was confirmed that Blake wouldn’t be part of this year’s Christmas show(s). Due to his absence, fans predicted that this meant Blake would no longer be part of the show.

Months ago, a casting call went out for Eileen Davidson (“Kristen DiMera”) and Blake Berris lookalikes. Could this be where the death of Nick story is heading?

Note: Eileen Davidson’s double made her appearance today, November 27, 2013.

So there you have it!

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